Egypt 2015


The Egypt 2015 mission trip was a powerful and uniting experience. The trip was a combination of individuals from all different walks of life and even various churches, however God brought us together to form a very special bond that still holds true today. During our time in Egypt, we had the blessing of visiting our brothers and sisters in both orphanages and in their homes. We learned so much from our fellowship with them and it was a truly humbling opportunity. Additionally, we stopped at several monasteries between each city we visited and received the chance to sit with our fathers and monks. This experience was a beautiful balance of service and spiritual reflection that has created a lasting life-long impact. I am incredibly grateful to be part of a church that encourages us to spread the gospel, not only for the word of God to reach those who need to hear it, but also so that we ourselves become more enriched and do our best to walk hand in hand with the Holy Spirit.