Zambia 2017


In the winter of 2017, a group of 30 young adults from St. Mark’s had the opportunity to travel to Lusaka, Zambia. Over the course of the two-week trip, the group encountered Christ in several of the activities done with the local community. These included market preaching, home visits, coordinating and leading discussions throughout two days dedicated to Lusaka’s children and youth, and participating in the all-night New Year’s Eve prayer at the neighboring Coptic churches. Even when things didn’t go according to plan (ask them about a broken down bus and a cholera outbreak), the group learned to pray together and trust that God was doing His work to fight the devil’s efforts.  Perhaps one of the most eye opening encounters was when the group ministered to prostitutes and street children living in difficult conditions, encouraging them to join the nearby churches. While experiencing the culture, the group also had the opportunity to travel to Livingstone, Zambia where they witnessed God’s creation at the powerful waterfalls and in the animals they saw on an exciting safari trip. Almost three years later and the trip remains a strong and influential time in the spiritual lives of many of the individuals!