Hawaii 2018


In August of 2018, by the grace of God, a group of Coptic Orthodox Christians from around the globe came together in Oahu to serve those that were in need. The Hawaiian organization was led by Father Anastasi in Honolulu, Hawaii. They played with kids at Shriner’s Hospital that were affected by injuries of which could not be treated in their home countries. The mission provided meals and sat with the homeless and also danced with the adults in the special needs daycare. They got to play with the kids in Hawaii’s most vulnerable location, also known as Waianae. They served international fishermen at a pier which was considered international territory. Since the fishermen were not able to leave the pier, a group of missionaries and physicians brought medications and medical equipment to serve them by their boats. They helped treat fishermen with high blood pressure and diabetes. All of this was able to happen through the grace of God and His love for us.

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